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Therefore My Heart is Glad


“Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see corruption.” (Psalm 16:9–10, ESV)

The change of weather ushers in a time of refreshing, even if it is followed by the usual cold snap. Invigorating temperatures, smells, and bugs along with the sounds of spring, all bode of new life. The grass will be sprouting and the temperatures steadily rising. Look forward to these blessings, they are coming.

Why is this a relief? Well, year in and year out we experience death followed by rebirth. Grass, trees, bugs, and color all fade away. Winter, be it short or long, always gives way to spring which bears new life, which is a relieving reminder of God’s grace; a relief.

It is wonderful and strange, each year we go through this change, incumbent with all kinds of emotions. Even if they are short lived. Season to season we have certain feelings of dread and relief, depression and joy. And now add to that the worry of a pandemic virus. 

We have entered into unique times. This is unprecedented, which can lead to much fear. But, thanks be to God, in Christ we aren’t bound to the emotional fluctuations of the seasons, or even the latest catastrophy. There is emotional flux of having sixty degree days followed by a spring snow storm, and news coverage that is filled with fear.

Gladness of heart is present for those in Christ, because of our secure dwelling, and the fact that we will not be abandoned.

As followers of Christ, we come to Christ in times like this. Do we have the security in Christ that the Psalmist expresses here? When the weather changes is our heart steeled in the joy of the Lord? With the reports of the world shutting, down do we fear? Or are we secure in Christ's blessings?

By God’s grace may He grant us the blessedness of Christ, in God to be able to enjoy such a comfort. May God’s Word grant us relief when our flesh wants to follow the mood of the weather.

By all means let’s rejoice in the beauty of spring. Let’s rejoice in the reminder of newness of life. Let us rejoice in God's goodness during these times, giving thanks in good and bad. Praise God there will be a day when life no longer gives way to death. Praise God for such a time to come.

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