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Announcements 4-5-20


Each week we've had a set of announcements for RSSBC. By God's good grace we can use this as a means to continue in the life of the church during our time of separation. 

  • Now, the Set Free Church in Riverton, ran by Richard Mill, is in need of help during this time. They are in need of food and house hold items to supplement their ministry. In the lobby of the church we are gathering food. There is already a large portion we've gathered, but there is the need for more. Please this week bring food by the church lobby and drop it off. Canned goods, toletries, and various other nonperishable items. If you have any questions please email me here and I'll do my best to answer any questions. 
  • Also If anyone wants to give financially, please make sure to designate in your memo on the check where you want those funds to go.
  • Check the resources being added during this time.  Each week we are improving and growing what is available. Look for announcements on the webpage, YouTube at Risen Son SBC, and Facebook at Risen Son SBC. 
  • I want to commend you, RSSBC, for how you've reached out to one another during this time. Please continue to seek out the least of us and try to connect with them through the available means. Our time apart will and can be useful toward the end of knitting us together in Christ.


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