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I don’t know about you, but I could use some conversation about something other than COVID-19. Summarily, I have been emailed, texted, or called by everyone I’ve ever purchased anything from. I’m not sure why, but my Bible software company needed to inform me of their Coronavirus policy.  

In the interim as we navigate through all the messages, phone calls, and repetitive conversations, let’s take time to do a few things. Take the time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather; enjoy the beautiful place we live. Take the time to reflect upon God’s goodness and the opportunity to share Christ in a fear struck world. Take the time to marvel at the insects in Wyoming, that against our assumptions, don’t seem to mind weather way too cold for a bug. Also, take time to be thankful for God’s goodness.

Please look for communication regarding meetings times and potential future events. Also, please take the time to make sure that those who are members and attendees of RSSBC know what is going on. For the time being, we will cancel all of our services/meetings during the week, except for prayer-meeting on Wednesday and Men’s groups. We will attempt to conduct a live stream service Sunday morning, and if we are unable to get the technology to work properly, we will record a sermon and post it to the web page and YouTube as fast as possible.  

Unless it has changed, the CDC recommends groups no larger than fifty.*Update, the CDC has moved the gathering size down to 10.* Our President recommends groups no larger than ten. Praise God it is a request and not an edict made under Martial Law. Compliance will slow the spread of this virus, and “flattening the curve” of infection could save many lives. It is part of the greatness of the nation we live in that we are allowed such freedom and aren’t forcibly having this demanded. 

By God’s grace, in this time, we can protect the weak and vulnerable. I didn’t think it’d be necessary, but needing police to help the distribution of toilet paper has been necessary. Let's not participate in such tomfoolery making our local official's jobs harder. If you have neighbors that are elderly, please check on them. Go shopping for them, provide a way that they can stay as far away from this virus as possible. Protect the weak, and provide for the needy.

If we continue with compliance, we have been gifted with great tools to be able to continue to communicate and fellowship around the Word, as well as fulfill our calling as a congregation. It is going to take some effort on our part. But by God’s grace, we can glorify him in this time which seems so potentially dire. 

This week, Wednesday, March 18th—March 24th

  1. Prayer Meeting—We will meet tonight, since this is usually a small meeting it will be good to gather and pray. If a group larger than ten gathers people it will be separated into groups of 10 throughout the building. 
  2. Awana & Youth Groups—These activities are cancelled till further notice. 
  3. Food & Clothing Give Away—This Saturday 10-Noon will still go on. 
  4. Sunday Services—Sunday service will be conducted via YouTube Live. We will not meet in the building. If you know of someone who will need assistence with YoutTube please give them a hand, or invite them over. If some technical difficulty arises, we will post a sermon directly that morning. This means no Sunday School. 
  5. Right Now Media resources are available to the members of the church over the course of the week information will be released on how more people can engage with this considerable resource. 
  6. Sunday Evening—This service is canceled until further notice. 
  7. Announcements—look for announcements regarding future events, how we will deal with giving, how to do RNM, and articles of simple encouragment.  

It is important to make efforts to love one another through this uncertain time. Let’s not fail one another by allowing some to fall away unnoticed. 

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