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Sunday Morning Announcements 3/29/20

Here are a couple of announcements for this coming week 3/29/2- thru 4/4/20:

  • We will be posting a live stream on YouTube this Sunday, March 29th @ 10:45am

    • Search for Risen Son SBC and you should be able to find the page just fine.

    • Like and subscribe to the channel, that will help you connect

    • Here is a link to the channel

  • Multiple people have let us know about the sound issues. Thank you for letting us know:) we are working to get them ironed out. Please be patient, as we are all learning in this process. 

  • Please prayerfully consider sending help to Richard Mill at the Riverton SetFree. They are in need of supplies. In the week to come we will be posting how we might be able to help them. 

  • Please reach out to one another in this time, and please reach out to the least of us. You may not think you're the one to make the call, but maybe you'll be the only one who does. 

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